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We look forward to hearing from you! Contact us via e-mail at bobatmarktwaincollectordotcom (NOTE replace at with the proper symbol, and also the word dot with the proper symbol in the e-mail address just given when actually sending us an e-mail.  This "word for symbol" exchange was deliberately done to avoid e-mail harvesting--ANY QUESTIONS?  IF SO JUST PLEASE call us on the phone at the number below).  

Please be sure to synopsize the reason for contacting us in the subject line of any e-mail, and do not send any attachments in any e-mail without previous arrangements to do so.  PLEASE NOTE: if we haven't responded to any of your e-mail(s), presume it was never received, as we have experienced some problems regarding this exact situation.  

Our stock is located off the premises, so visitors are welcome to this web site anytime, or in person by advance appointment only (as inventory is only available for inspection during regular banking hours at a bank). Please call, fax, mail, or e-mail us anytime!

Lastly, please note that despite this website being entirely legitimate & dedicated to Mark Twain memorabilia, spammers occasionally try to sell entirely bogus products have pretended to send email from this Mark Twain Collector website.  Those people and any products they are trying to sell are obviously as bogus as their association with Mark Twain, let alone this website.

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